Monday, April 24, 2006

testing , camp, and sickness

After the Tundra TT I headed up to Appalachian State in Boone NC to take part in a study. This study included riding 3 hours to exhaustion for 3 days (with no caloric intake during the rides). Before and after the rides on days 1 and 3 they took muscle biopsies from our quads. Before and after each day they took a ton of blood samples.

The actual riding was not bad but the rest of the experience was quite stressful....

After the studay I headed to team camp number 2 in
Winston , NC....where I became extremely sick during our ride on friday. I left camp early on saturday after having a bike fit by Tom Coleman of Wobble-naught (you will hear more about this later!). On Sunday when my fever went over 103 degrees Cara took me over to the urgent care center where I tested positive for the flu.

Ok, I have had many cases of the flu throughout my life, but this one just totally kicked my butt. I was literally IN BED for the entire week. I was only able to get out of bed to do a little work for like an hour at a time.

The following Saturday I actually rode the bike for an hour....very slowly...and coughing every few pedal strokes, but it was the beginnning of getting going again. Of course this is when the wheels totally fell off of my training blog here. Between getting back some fitness after being sick, catching up with work and then the race season starting I have had a hard time keeping up. I hope to have reports form the road to recovery and the early season races posted here soon...

thanks for your patience :)


scdetailer said...

I want to hear more experience with the Wobblenaught fit. I had this done in Morganton, NC at Carolina bikeworx. I have been tweaking it since. I think I may need to get a different saddle, I cannot get comfy on the one I have now.

a2 said...

Saddle choice is definitley a big issue...AND if you change the saddle you should have the position checked by the fitter as well (usually a minimal charge) as all saddles put you in a slightly different position depending on where your sit bones go. Email me directly if you have any specific questions I can help with

Anonymous said...

andy bummer about the FLU. I am out west and got the same BUg for sure. Still struggling to find any form after the week of death in early april. Things are coming around slowly. Hats off to ya sounds like you are still killing it year after year. Good luck at mcminnville i will be excited to see your hill climb time.
sam krieg