Thursday, October 05, 2006


So we took a weekend off after the last road race trip...then it was baptism by fire for the cross season. We headed up to Michigan for the first UCI races of the season. It rained overnight both days...making for a nice slightly muddy/soft course, but the weather during the racing was great.

Cara was 4th and 5th...while I pretty much got my butt kicked both days. Saturday was extremely the first cx race of the season always is....but 10 hours in the car friday didn't help any either. The field was a bit bigger (about 40) and stronger(some west coast& colorado guys) than expected which put me in over my head for the first race of the season. I got off to my usual mediocre start, but I could never get things going. I developed a side stitch (diaphragm cramp) on the first or second lap and I couldn't get rid of it. I was riding hard, but not really going anywhere...and in pain the whole time. I ended up 17th.....mediocre for sure.

Sunday was a bit better....after my usual start, I actually felt ok.....well, as "OK" as one can feel while trying to ride so hard your guts come out....but I was able to find a nice rythm and move up constantly. The result wasn't much better (15th), but the sensations were.....funny what a difference a day can make.

The drive home was very difficult and we got in about 3am. I cracked about 5 hrs from home and Cara piloted the last half.

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