Sunday, February 10, 2008


Just rediscovered this pic from near winston-salem last year. I felt I needed to share it with everyone.... I am pretty sure that bike isn't uci legal :)
Relevant and interesting new posts coming soon...I promise!


Almost Pro said...

Cool pic. I don't have many photos yet, but check out my blog---

Frank O said...

It is picts like these that make a blog worth while! It is a good thing they are all wearing helmets. I wonder what they ate before the ride, or where they are going? Hmmm? So much left to the imagination! Wow! I'm feeling hungry for a greasy burger.....oh my what have I done? Your blog is leading me to make poor food choices. Super size it!

Josh Whitmore said...

And what were you doing in this establishment? Surely you didn't go there just for the artwork! I highly suspect a health dose of McRib and fries were ingested on this quest.