Sunday, December 07, 2008

one week to go!

The final weekend of local cross racing was great. We raced at the MSG series in TN on saturday in a nice snowstorm. I was able to take my first "A" race win of the season....really I was able to benefit from a couple other riders bad luck. It went like this: Of fthe start we had a lead group of 5...4 Lees McRae riders and me. Not looking good for me. We drop one, then 2 get a it is me chasing 2 leaders with one of their teammates on my wheel. I lose the teammate and one of the riders ahead drops back. Now it is me chasing the leader with one of his teammates on my wheel. OK, 2nd or 3rd is acceptable. Then, we pass the leader who is running after he it is me leading, towing the other rider around who (rightly so) is hoping his teammate will catch back. Into the final laps when it is obvious no one is coming back to us he is just waiting to jump me....he comes around strong just before a slick off campber downhill turn. I see it coming as he lays it out in the turn. I carefully get around him without going down myself and hang on for the very unexpected win.....hey...I will take it when I can get it!

Sunday was the NC series final. I was in 3rd going into the race, with no chance to move up, but with 2 strong riders breathing down my neck to get ahead of me. I needed to have a good race...and honestly I did. I was able to have a decent start(or in my case simply not as bad as usual) and I was ahead of both my rivals after the first lap. We ended up in a gorup of 3 chasing the 2 leaders...who were it was a battle for 3rd with me knowing I needed to finish ahead or right behind Noah (currently 4th in the series). I felt good and tried attacking with one to go, but was brought back. I stayed on Noah's wheel and finished 5th...just behind him to hold on to my 3rd overall in the series.

To top it off: Cara won her races both days and won the NC series overall....

Tomorrow we hit the road for Nationals in Kansas City!

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Congrats and good luck in Kansas!!