Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Ok, so it seems it is cold pretty much everywhere in the sates this week..excepting maybe so cal and the greater southwest... but the rest of us are stuck with conditions not exactly conducive to riding here are a few reasons you might just want to get on with your workouts inside on a stationary trainer.....rather than skippping them:

1. because you KNOW your competition is doing it

2. because you need the endorphins and you will feel miserable if you don't get your daily dose.

3. because to accomplish your race goals for next year, you need to build your fitness...and these workouts build your fitness!

4. because in many cases you can actually get a BETTER workout on the trainer since it is easier to precisely control intensity vs. the same workout on the open road

5. because in one of your past lives you MUST have done something to deserve this type of punishment :)

6. because your coach told you to

7. because if you don't you will be grumpy and your family and/ or co-workers will suffer the brunt of your grumpiness

8. because it will help you improve your mental toughness and focus

9. because you love to ride your matter when or where, inside or out

10. because RIGHT NOW your competition is doing a tough 2x20 min threshold workout on the trainer thinking of how they are going to crush you next season....and you know the only way to combat them? GET ON THAT TRAINER AND GET YOUR WORKOUTS DONE!



Mandy said...

yet another reason that i h8 u. you and all your motivation to be fit and healthy. and reminding me that i should work out at all.
in all seriousness, though: little kids, listen to uncle andy! get those trainer workouts done!
while i sit on the couch and watch the world freeze outside.

Cara said...

you don't really think that Andy rides a trainer, do you? ;-)