Friday, June 09, 2006

Information Overlaod! I did a bunch of great training alone and with teammate Ryan Gamm, then was scheduled to go to Boise Idaho to spend 3 days learning the Wobble-Naught fit system and Dartfish/EMG pedaling analysis tools. I drove down to the Greenville airport that tuesday and was told that my flights were all delayed and I could not get there at all until the next day. Great....after scrambing and spending way too much time on the phone, I got everything rescheduled for the following sun-thurs. I went home and put in another bunch of killer training days and headed out west Sunday evening.

I just returned last night and let me tell you my head is spinning. I have SOOOOOO much information bouncing around in there it is going to take a few days to sort it all out. I can say that I learned more in 3 days than I have in the last couple of years about pedaling a bicycle....this is exciting. I ordered my laser (think Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies) and hope to start offering bike fits within the next couple of weeks.

I was scheduled to go to the Nature Valley Stage Race in Minnesota next week, but gave up my spot to another teammate. Part of this is because I am a little burned out on travel right now and with my big gaol races quickly approaching I need to stay focused and fresh...and the other part is that I want to start setting up my space to do fits and analysis.

Tonight we head down to Dahlonega GA to race an omnium that consists of a hillclimb TT, a circuit race and an awesome road race that does 2 laps of the famous 3 Gap loop. I figure the road race sunday will be the closest thing to the Natioanl Championship road race that I will get to do, so we will see how it goes.

Remember Form = Fitness + Freshness

I know I am fresh after not riding much this week, we will see what the fitness is like tomorrow.

OK ...expect some long detailed posts next week about Wobble-Naught and my experiences out in Boise as well as (hopefully) a good report from the weekend races.


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Robert said...

Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about Wobble Naught. I was curious about that in the past. The former Team 7up (now Health Net) used to be sponsored by them a few years ago. One of the guys on the team told me they all got fitted but not everyone kept the the adjustments.

By the way, Dirk Friel has RSS going on his blog. It should be pretty easy for you to set it up through blogger (just turn it on basically) by the link i provided on your previous entry.

Thanks for taking the time to fill us all in on the cool stuff you are doing!