Thursday, June 15, 2006

river TT etc....

Ok...So I had to post this file because it is a pretty good example of TT pacing and a decent time. I did the 20KM course in 25:01...which is my 2nd fastest time on this course. Avg power was 347. Good for a flatTT for me. Notice the HR curve continues to go up all the way to the finish...and the power in the 2nd half is close to or better than the first half split...even though the 2nd half is slightly downhill. I might have sprinted a little too hard out of the turnaround though.

The cool thing is that I went off 2nd and Cara 3rd. We did our individual rides, then we immediately hopped on the tandem and did another 20 Km TT. I had about 5 min recovery between TTs...but cara only had about a minute and a half! Talk about pain....but we went well...putting in a I think I had the 1st AND 2nd fastest times of the night :) Cara said she felt like she had no power and was not happy with either ride....but I didn't notice too much on the fact I was surprised we were able to go so fast in our 2nd event.

The big news of the day is that I committed to going to the Master's Road World Championships in Austria this August. This is something I have been thinking about for years....but I have finally decided to do it. It is no secret that one of my lifetime goals is to win a world championship....even if it is Masters. Could this be the year? If everything goes perfectly with preparation, training, recovery, nutrition etc I might have a shot...but certainly a lot could go wrong between now and then.

I PROMISE I'll get to a report on my Boise / Wobble Naught training trip soon!


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Robert said...

Good job on the news feed. You're a real computer geek/bike racer now! ;)