Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Baaaaack.....and it's about time

OK, so I started this blog with the good intentions of allowing people to keep up with my training and racing as well as to provide an outlet for general training and racing observations as they relate to me and the athletes I work with. My lack of posting really is about time, or lack of it. However I am renewing my commitment to getting this thing back on here it goes.

It is about time that I had a decent cyclocross race weekend. Not that things have been going poorly...just that I finally feel like my fitness is coming around and the racing sensations are getting good. This is usually how my cx season goes:.....start strong.....have a bit of a dip in form...then steadily build through november to have a strong last few race weekends ending with nats in mid december. I am consistent with that pattern again this year...and it is not a bad thing....just that it gets a bit rough while I am waiting to feel good again after the long, long, long road season.

This past weekend I was finally able to win a couple of races (MSG p/1/2 and single speed) and was 2nd at the Southern Pines NC series race sunday. The lack of a couple fast guys showing up helped the results.....but it was the feeling of really being able to push myself ...and the body responding well ...that I feel good about. To top off the good weekend I now find myself leading the MSG series in TN and am currently 3rd in the NC series. I am not so sure I can hold either of those spots, but as long as the form keeps improving through nats I will be happy.

Ok, so that's it for now.....stay tuned because I have lots of great topic ideas for the blog.....and I promise to make the time to get them posted.....


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