Friday, November 30, 2007

The End is Near...

I just realized yesterday that the end of the cross season.....and the entire 2007 racing season is just over two weeks away.....with just 4 or 5 race starts left for me in that time. Cross season is so short it seems to just fly by. My form seems to be continuing to improve, so we will see what happens at the last few big races.
This weekend I head the Ultrafit Annual Meeting in Arizona. Unfortunately this will cause me to miss the racing here at home, but maybe it will add a little freshness to the legs for the last two weekends.
The trip will be a quick, no nonsense affair. I travel all day today, will be at the meeting all day tomorrow, then travel home all day sunday, so no time to enjoy the southwest weather...I hope to come home with new knowledge and maybe some new business ideas.

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