Tuesday, December 04, 2007


258 ....yes that is my current uci world cyclocross ranking with 4 points. Actually I am tied for 250th with like 20 other guys. I find this kind of funny actually. These days uci points are like gold on the US cross circuit....or it seems that way at any rate with riders traveling thousands of miles vying for just a couple precious points to get them one row closer to the front of the starting grid at elite nationals. I plan to have fun racing with the elites at nats, but honestly a few points and a couple rows closer to the front won't make much difference to what will be a slightly better than mid-pack finish for me. Don't get me wrong...I will race...and race hard pushing my limit for the best result possible, but I have no illusions.....the master's race is a different matter, but even there my goal is a little more modest than in past years due to the reality of talented competition. Now if only I could auction those points to the highest bidder.....or maybe even just give them to someone who could put them to better use :)

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