Friday, March 24, 2006

Fe 13, 2006

Feb 13, 2006 / 1.25 hrs / 25 miles / 953 Kj

I did a nice heavy weight workout this morning, then intervals on the trainer in the evening. It was wicked cold outside all day so I decided to get some TT intervals in on the computrainer. I did a bit of a test: First I warmed up on the road bike and calibrated the computrainer. Next I rode at a few different effort levels for several minutes at a time. The new SRM seems to match perfectly with the CT. Then I mounted up the TT bike, warmed it up for about the same amount of time and re-calibrated. It was immediately evident that the old SRM is reading WAY low. Between 40-50 watts low! I did 5 x 5 min CP30 efforts with 2 minute recoveries. Averaging between 340-350 watts each. After loading the data I messed around with the slope of the old SRM until I came up with numbers that matched the efforts. Now I have a ballpark idea of where the slope needs to be set…but I will have to go through a real calibration process to get it exact. Not a lot of workout time today…but a killer good workout.

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