Monday, January 02, 2006

Dec 28th, 20052:30 / 45 miles (plus weights)

Got a good AA weight workout in this morning, then some work, lunch then on the bike. Thought I was going to get rained out, but the showers passed and it was sunny and windy. I actually overdressed for the 55 degree weather. Nice ride out the river and back with an excursion up Lower Flat Creek. I am feeling a few aches and pains of getting back into the training program…the usual. I id feel a bit of bother in my left Achilles. This comes about from switching from my MTB pedals and shoes on the CX bike, back to the road bike. The cleats on the road bike are a little further forward which makes me use a little more ankling. This is a good thing, but I need to re-adapt. The last thing I want is another full blown case of tendonitis. Tomorrow I will use the MTB shoes and pedals…then alternate systems until I adapt.

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