Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sun, Jan 8th 5.5 hrs, 100 miles

A great day for an epic ride. Met at Joe C's house and headed west with Lauren , Justin and Crazy Johnny. We climbed the 30 min 151/parkway to Pisgah climb, then headed down the long 15 mile descent into Brevard. Justin attacked us a the top of the descent and went out of of course we grouped up and started chasing. This is a mellow grade, hard pedaling descent, so we were working and going fast....still no sign of Justin. Just a couple miles from the bottom Joe turned and saw Justin sitting on behind us :) Nice trick. Apparently he had to chase pretty hard for a long time to catch back after he hid on the side of the road waiting for us to come by.

We picked the perfect route today and after a quick store stop, headed straight back to Asheville with a nice tailwind. 4 of us rolled a perfectly smooth paceline in the cross tailwind at 25-30 mph (with Johnny sitting on) almost the whole way back. The temps climbed well up into the 60's today...not bad for the beginning of January.

After everyone went their separate ways, I climbed up over town mountain and took the parkway back to azalea rd and home....I was tired the last 40 minutes...but it was a great long day.

Base 1 week 2 summary: 24 hrs ride time, 2 hr weights, 26 total training hours, 418 miles

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