Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sun Jan 15th , 2006 - 4.75 hrs, 72 miles

The weather report was for very cold in Asheville, so we decided to head down the mountain to Greenville SC and meet up with some club folks who were doing a ride down there. Just to be different we took the tandem down. It was a fun ride on some seriously rolling hills. A bit too much stopping and variation in speed...but the company was good and it was fun to ride the tandem for over 4 hours. When the group got back to the parking lot, I took the tandem out solo for about 30 minutes and rode at a nice steady zone 2-3 pace. What a strange feeling riding the tandem solo...especially right after riding it with a stoker. It was a blast though...hmmmm might have to add some solo tandem hillclimb rides into the training. Just think, if I can get the 38 lb long bike going up hill fast...I'll be able to fly on the single bike...or at least I'lll "feel " like I'm flying.

Seriously though....I hope to do a lot more riding on the tandem this season...It is sooooo much fun and different than riding a "1/2" bike. I highly recommend it ...you will hear more from me on this subject.

Base 1 week 3 summary: 23 hours riding time, 3 hours weights, 26 total training hours, 390 miles. Not bad...really started to feel fatigued toward the end of the week. Lost out on a couple of hours due to bad weather saturday...but right on track after 3 solid base training weeks....I am READY for a recovery week!

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