Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jan 20-22, 2006 - 0 hours / 0 miles

Friaday morning I headed out to the power training clinic at the Olympic Training Center near San Diego. It was a full day of travel and after dinner I just relaxed in my room a bit before bed.

Saturday we were in "class" from 8:30 am- 5:30 pm. This was a great learning experience with Hunter Allen and Andy Coggan as instructors. I can't say I learned anything completely new...but it solidified some ideas, and a few things that I only had a small amount of information on. I expect to be able to make my coaching for athletes training with power quite a bit more effective by utilizing some of the knowledge I gained here.

Sunday we went from 8:30 to 2pm. The weather here is beautiful...I sure wish I had a bike....but I did get a nice 40 minute walk around the "compound". I also took a walk down to the running track and walked down the pole vault runway. Ahhh memories of high school track. I wonder how different things would have been had I applied myself to that sport. I was a decent pole vaulter and showed some promise. I cleared 12 ft my sophmore year. 13 ft was the mark at that time to be considered for a college team. Without going into too many priorities changed my junior year....and while I continued to be on the track team as a junior and senior, my maximum height never improved. Memories....

Ok enough of that. If you ever get the chance to stay "on complex" at one of the USOTCs, do it! If for nothing other than the food! Our olmypic athletes do not live in high style. The dormitories are about as charismatic as a hospital room....but the food! It is free! it is all you can eat! it is good! it is bad!.....Basically you can eat as well or as poorly as you would like. You can have a salad with tuna at every meal....or you can have things like pasta and BBQ ribs, with ice cream for dessert. I will be scared to step on a scale when I get home tomorrow.....thousands of calories a day and no exercise for 3 days! The decadence!

The funny thing is that I have to go up to App State to have a Vo2Max test and hydrostatic weight measurementthis coming thursday. This is where they submerge you in water to get an accurate measurement of your body fat %. ohhhhh I'm gonna be FAT! At least I know it will only get better as the training season continues.

As I type... I have one more meal here before I catch the shuttle to the airport...hmmm...what's for dinner tonight?

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Anonymous said...

How about a BLOG update? How am I going to beat you if I don't know how much you are training?