Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday, Jan 13th - 2.3 Hours, 44 miles

First ride of the season on the TT bike! I raised the bars about 1 cm for this ride. It is always a little tough to get into the full TT position straight away. I will lower it 1/2 cm at a time over the next few rides on the bike. It felt great to be back on it....somehow I just naturally like to ride in a road TT position, for some strange reason it is comfortable to me. The position is not radical, but it is quite low and aero..even 1cm higher than normal. It has taken me years to hone this position. I had my best TT season last year...and I hope to continue that this season. It is no secret that my big goal for the year is the master's national TT title. I have been 3rd - three times and 4th is time for me to step up!

Actually this ride ended up being about 30 minutes too long. I felt great for about and hour forty or so, then started to really die into a strong headwind as I approached home. 2 more training days until rest week......

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