Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sat Jan 14th , 2006 2 hrs, 30 miles, My Birthday!

I suppose as an athlete turning 40 should be a little upsetting.... but since I was already over the hill when I started seriously racing...and I don't plan on getting slower any time too soon, I laugh at the thought of worrying about it! Had a nice mostly relaxing day. The weather was snow / cold / wet, so we rode inside for about 2 hours doing various pedaling drills. I think we did about 7 isolated leg drills working up to 2.5 minutes and back down to 1 minute on each leg, high cadence intervals interspersed throughout. Boring, but a very worthwhile workout.

Earlier in the day I did a solid weight workout. I had a huge burrito for dinner and a large portion of cake we bought at the grocery store. I was feeling lazy so we declined an offer to go out....lazy or boring ...take your pick. We spent a nice night actually watching an entire movie....life is good.

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