Monday, January 16, 2006

Thursday, Jan 12, 2006 - 4 hours, 70 miles

I can't believe the weather has been so nice....upper 60's today. We had a great breakfast with my parnets, then I saw them off at the airport. It was nice having them here...I don't get to see them enough since I moved South 5 years ago.....

I got on the bike just after 1pm and hit out a cool route South of town. I crammed 3 nice climbs into the 2nd half of the ride and still managed to get home before dark. I took the Parkway South , then wound around down through Mills River, Hooper's Creek, over Terry's Gap, through the Apple orchards of Fruitland (the craggy apple trees look so cool and evil in the winter) and over the backside of Bear Wallow Mountain. Man, I don't do that climb often so I forget how tough it is. On the way home I went over Merrill's cove just in case I hadn't climbed enough. Again, the HR was a bit lower due to fatigue...after all this is week 3 of the training block...but the pace was once again good.

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