Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jan 5.....3:45 / 67 miles

After a marathon dentist appointment this morning, I finally got on the bike about 1:15. Plan was for 4 hours on the Black Mountain/ Bat Cave loop. As soon as I got down the hill from the house I knew I was underdressed...but not too badly...forecast was for 50 , so I should be ok....right?

I was definitely feeling the last couple of days in my legs today. I still got plenty of zone 2...but not as much time at AeT....and very little extended time there. After a full training block, I should be able to ride day after day with less fatigue and higher power outputs. Today...not so much.

I was enjoying the ride out to Bat Cave, but noticed that the wind was picking up and it was actually getting colder. I knew that my route was going to put me into a headwind for the last 90+ minutes....but I didn't know it was going to be this windy. I started to get cold. Even on the 30 min climb up route 74 I was getting more and more cold with the headwind. I struggled back into the gale (small ring on some of the downhills even) with my hands in pain. Somehow I managed to get into some kind of trance... and the next thing I knew I was riding through Biltmore Forest just a few miles from home.

This is one of my favorite loops...but between the fatigue and the cold it was definitely not a comfortable ride...still...mission accomplished.

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